Leader in business and web technology solutions

We are about building great on-line businesses.

Adam is a company based in Sydney Australia. We provide web technology and services to businesses who primary have their presence on-line.

Our capabilities include:

  • Running, maintaining and supporting web application
  • Developing new web software systems
  • Business process development
  • Integrating content management systems
  • Training and developing people in the use of software systems

Great businesses we work with

We love our work, following are some of the great businesses we work with.

The Whisky List - The Whisky List is a site to help Australians discover, enjoy, and share great whisky by providing a searchable index of whisky products and where those products can be found for the cheapest price. For them we build the technical solutions to aggregate prices from across the web into a search engine, we provide ongoing development and support for their site.

Sneaking Duck - Sneaking Duck is a major online prescription eyewear retailer making owning multiple pairs of glasses easy. We support and monitor their systems, build new e-commerce features, do site performance optimization, and provide data mining and analysis.

Medical On-Site - Medical On-Site is a virtual medical clinic designed to bring revolutionary services to residential aged care. We provide medicare billing integration, phone/fax/email/intranet services, business consulting and support, and slack integration.

25/Fifteen - 25/Fifteen is A Start-up Studio that aims builds companies of value. We provide technology and consulting services and collaborate in working on many new business ideas.

PretaGov - PretaGov is a supplier of digital solutions to organizations and government in Australia and the United Kingdom. We provide content management consulting and training services for government agencies that they supply.

Contacting us

Our phone number is 1300 857 523

Send us an email to tech@adamandpaul.biz

Or you can use our contact form.