The Whisky (Store) List

Australia's Best Independent Whisky Shops!

Taking the 'helping you find great whisky' literally...

As part of our never ending crusade to convert those who have you yet to 'see the light' and support those who like us are already all about the uisce beatha (gaelic for 'water of life') we have begun to put together a list (yep another list on top of The Australian Distilleries List and The Whisky (Bar) List) of notable retailers who carry and sell whisk(e)y.

To make the 'finding' part even easier we have added the retailers we have found so far to a google map overlay! We hope you get a kick out of using it, and more importantly, let us know where we have missed out some (and we are sure there are tonnes!) and how you find the overall experience and service provided (remember a good whisky retailer shared counts as a good deed!).

You may also notice the map can be tweaked to show a list of bars and distilleries too. Perfect for those spur of the moment road trips or nights out :) We hope to be able to update these as often as required, so if you happen to own, run, work for,or patronise any of these fantastic businesses or more importantly, those we have overlooked, please, get in touch and share your stories with us and our little community so we can all spread the word (and love).

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