1806 Whisky Experience

Specialties: Whisky, Cocktails
Address: 169 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Website: http://www.1806.com.au/
Bookings: 1806

1806 is Melbourne’s most unique, full service, cocktail & whisk(e)y bar. Combining “prohibition-era” decor, and quirky, insightful staff, with a repertoire of classic cocktails to please everyone from the casual patron to the connoisseur, 1806 is an experience like no other.

1806 Whisky Experience 4

With the release of our new whisk(e)y menu containing over 300 different offerings from around the globe, the team at 1806 invites you to enjoy an experience like no other as you are taken on a journey through the world of Uisge Beatha. 

Introduction to Whisk(e)y - $60 

Whisk(e)y Cocktail on arrival.

A look at production, history & styles of whisk(e)y available around the globe.

Interactive tasting session of 4 whiskies run by our resident whisk(e)y experts.

Selection of seasonal canapés matched to each dram.

We are looking at expanding on our offerings in the near future to include a class which delves deeper into whiskey as well as one that focuses on the premium malts.