About Us

The story of The Whisky List

Who are we?

We are four guys who share a common passion for great whisky. We spend a lot of time (more than we care to admit) tracking down the best prices, hunting coveted new releases, and stalking the latest news and updates from our favourite distilleries.

Our Reason for Being

Our mission is to help Australians – from beginners to connoisseurs – discover, enjoy, and share great whisky.

We have crawled the web so we can tell you where to buy that special bottle, with up-to-date pricing and availability information from both major and boutique Australian retailers. We’re not here to sell you anything; we don’t work for a brand, business or distillery. We care about one thing – quality, delectable, shareable whisky.

We’ll teach you about what makes each bottle special, give you tips on which drop to try next, keep you updated on industry releases, and hopefully give you the nudge to take a chance on something new.

Find great whisky with The Whisky List.

Let’s chat: Contact us at cheers@thewhiskylist.com.au & subscribe to our newsletter to not miss a beat.